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Estate Planning

Everyone needs a plan - regardless of whether you are young or old, single or married, with or without children.  Without a plan, strangers will determine how your estate gets distributed upon your death.  To ensure your estate goes to whom you want, you need an estate plan.  I can help you make those decisions and memorialize them in writing.


Let's face it, losing a loved one isn't easy.  Nobody wants the extra stress and complications that come with probating an estate after such a significant loss. 

To ensure a timely and smooth distribution of your loved one's estate, you need an attorney to ease the burden of your loss.  I will help you navigate through this process and ensure your loved one's estate gets distributed properly and efficiently.

Special Needs Planning

As a parent of a special needs child myself, I understand how overwhelming and time consuming the special needs planning process can be  - as I have also experienced the same issues with my daughter.

Therefore, I am here to help you through this journey - to make the planning easier for you - and to provide tools to ensure your special needs family member is taken care well into the future while maintaining certain government benefits like SSI and Medicaid.  Some of these tools involve setting up a Special Needs Trust, ABLE Act account,  redirecting life insurance or retirement benefits to the appropriate planning devices, etc., to put your mind at ease about your special family member's future needs.

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